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The Harūrī (Arabic: الحرورية‎) were an early Muslim sect from the period of the Four Rightly-Guided Caliphs (632-661 CE), named for their first leader, Habīb ibn-Yazīd al-Harūrī. The Harūrī were one branch of the Khārijī "Rejectors" movement, so called because they rejected ‘Alī's right to the Caliphate. While originally members of the "Party of ‘Alī", they turned against him when he agreed to arbitration regarding the issue of leadership and a Harūrī assassinated ‘Alī while he was praying on 21 Ramaḍān in 661 CE.

In order to create the Haruriyyah Order Charlemagne DLC is needed , Jihads are unlocked and one of the following counties owner is not Muslim: Hajar, Damascus, Cairo, Jerusalem or Mecca.

The Order is composed of 21% Light Infantry 43% Heavy Infantry 21% Archers and 14% Cavalry

While the Harūrī are primarily notable because one of their members assassinated the Fourth Caliph, this is not the only reason they have drawn historical interest. The issue of political leadership and divine power that has been a hot topic for Muslims since colonialism and most acutely in post-colonial Islamic movements and states is paralleled in many ways by the "problem" of Khārijī movements in early Islam.

Also of interest to scholars is the Harūrī position that it was permissible to entrust the Imamate to a woman if she was able to carry out the required duties. The founder's wife, Ghazāla al-Harūriyya, commanded troops; in this she followed the example of Juwayriyya,daughter of Abu Sufyan, at the battle of Yarmuk. In one battle between Ghazāla and the famous Umayyad general Hajjāj ibn-Yūsuf, he had to retreat.