Crusader Kings II Wiki


If you heed the call of the Pope and manage to take land from the infidels you now have the possibility to set up your new conquests in a manner that will be profitable for your self and your children.

Your new counties will contain counties and how you give them out will determine your income and levy possibilities in the future. Give the county titles out first, one of the counties will go to who ever you want to be duke of this new land, the others can go to men that will serve the duke, all except the future duke must not have other titles nor inheritances coming.

Then give the bishphoric and city level titles to men good at learning and stewardship, don't pick people who have titles or may inherit.

Now give the duke level title to the county holder that you had planned in the first step and when his opinion of you drops think about transferring him the vassals in his county.

The result is that you will collect the income from the cities and bishphorics bypassing the counts, since you don't interact with those lowly creatures and your duke doesn't mind that you are sucking the financial life blood out of his region.

This is not a great strategy in the long term because the county level castles will not develop as fast and in the future the troop levy will be lower that it could have been, yet you will be rich and able to finance improvements in your demesne.

If you get loose counties (not able to put them under a duchy level title) which contain bishphorics/cities you might want to turn them into prince-bishphorics/republics by first giving the bishphoric/city to a landless man and then giving the same man the county title, you won't get a big levy but you will make money.