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Rajastan is a De jure empire consisting of 7 Kingdom titles and 24 Duchies, this title first time appears at 1186 start date.

De Jure Territory[]

The de jure kingdom titles within the Rajastan Empire are as follows:

  • Sindh
  • Punjab
  • Delhi
  • Gujarat
  • Rajputana
  • Malwa
  • Kosala

The "traditional" capital of Rajastan are Kanyakubja (Province ID 1356). AI rulers of the Rajastan are likely to make this their capital.

Creation Conditions[]

Map empires

De jure territory of the Rajastan (shown in Orange)

A ruler requires 2 kingdom titles, plus at least 80% (76) of the 95 de jure counties to create the Rajastan Empire. In addition, a significant amount of gold and piety is required to create the Rajastan Empire.

Interesting Character of Rajastan[]

  • Iltutmish, at Age of the Mongols bookmarked date.
  • Muhammad bin Tughluq, at 100 Years' War bookmarked date. At this time the Empire has controlled most of the Indian subcontinent


  • The Rajastan are almost always controlled by a Sunni Islam character

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