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Paradox Interactive is a Swedish video game developer based in Stockholm that is known for producing historical strategy computer games. It is also a video game publisher, publishing its own games as well as others through traditional retail channels as well as digital distribution services, such as GamersGate. The lead game programmer is Johan Andersson.

Paradox Interactive was previously a division of Paradox Entertainment, owners and developers of properties such as Conan the Barbarian as created by pulp author Robert Ervin Howard.

Game Characteristics[]

Each game is marked by the use of standard real-time elements but with an ability to make any and all changes while paused (and while unpaused). The games also demonstrate a reasonable commitment to historical accuracy.

The games are mostly based on an open game engine (sandbox-style game) in which the player can define their own victory.

Paradox Interactive games are also characteristically complex, with steep learning curves and highly detailed gameplay models. The focus of each game is different, but generally a player must manage the economy, commerce, internal politics, diplomacy, technological development, and military forces of a nation.

On the support side, Paradox regularly releases patches to their games long after a game's initial release. Some games have required patches shortly after release to make them playable.[1] Later patches may contain large changes to the game and the way the game is played, in response to the demands and requests of fans.

Paradox tries to make games that are open and easy to edit (moddable), from tweaking a saved game to creating an entirely new scenario. Modding can be accomplished with simple tools and basic knowledge of scripting. To assist modders to figure out how to edit the game on their own, the Paradox forums provide fan-compiled libraries of "how to" advice.


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