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A mercenary company is an organisation of warriors which can be hired by a ruler to fight for them. There are religious restrictions on who can hire mercenary companies (e.g. only Christian rulers can hire the White Company). Mercenary companies cost gold to hire and require a monthly upkeep. The leader of a mercenary company bears a title of ducal rank, representing that company. Mercenary companies can be landed or unlanded, but are unplayable either way. If a mercenary company is in fief to a king or emperor , only that mercenary company's liege can hire it.

Succession Laws[]

Mercenary companies use Agnatic Open Elective succession - one of the courtiers or vassals of that mercenary company  will become head of the order upon the death of the incumbent.

List of Orders[]

All rulers in Crusader Kings II has access to at least one mercenary company. However, not all mercenary companies are extant at the game start. Some companies (like the Varangian Guard) are founded via decision, and some come into existence automatically as time progresses. Note that although each company is of a specific religion not all companies restrict themselves to paymasters of that religion.


  • Khazar Company
  • Turkmen Company
  • Berber Company
  • Arab Company
  • Maghreb Corsairs
  • Ghilman


  • Steppe Company
  • Turkoman Company
  • Tuareg Company
  • Bedouin Company
  • Mamluks


  • White Company
  • Great Company
  • Company of St George
  • Company of the Star
  • Company of the Little Hat
  • Company of the Rose
  • Catalan Company
  • Navarrese Company
  • Swiss Company
  • Breton Company
  • Victual Brothers
  • Lombard Band
  • Swiss Band
  • Breton Band
  • Catalan Band
  • Saxon Band
  • Scottish Band
  • Irish Band
  • Adriatic Galleys
  • Ligurian Galleys
  • Baltic Cogs
  • North Sea Cogs


  • Varangian Guard
  • Cuman Company
  • Rus Company
  • Pecheneg Company
  • Bulgarian Company
  • Turkic Company
  • Cuman Band
  • Rus Band
  • Alan Band
  • Pecheneg Band
  • Bulgarian Band
  • Turkic Band


  • Abussinian Band
  • Nubian Band


  • Finnish Band
  • Lappish Band


  • Lithuanian Band

West African Paganism

  • Ghanan Band





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