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Marriage guide

I was a bit overwhelmed and confused by all the marriage possibilities, so i tried to make a small guide
on what marriage possibillities there are and what happenes when the couple actually marries.
Its especially tricky to estimate, to which court the couple will head to when they get married and what happens when they hold titles.
That's why I wanted to make this small guide so you can see it at a glance without guessing.

Marriage affects 3 things for the marrying characters and their children: Dynasty, court and - for heirs - inheritance of titles.

1. Children's dynasty:

In a normal Marriage, the children belong to the father's dynasty and stay with him. For a Matrilineal Marriage, they belong to the mother's dynasty and stay with her.

2. Court:
If both partners have holdings they will both stay and rule independently in their respective holdings.
If only one partner has holdings, the couple moves to that partner's court.

If neither one has holdings, they will move to the father's liege court in a normal marriage, or to the mother's liege court in a matrilineal marriage.

The couples will not move if both of them have holdings.

Below is a table representing these facts. 'M' means matrilineal marriage, 'P' means patrilineal (i.e. normal) marriage

M/P Father has holding Mother has holding Mother's new court Father's new court Child's court Child's Dynasty
P Yes Yes - - Father's Father's
P Yes No Father's - Father's Father's
P No Yes - Mother's Mother's Father's
P No No Father's Liege's Father's Liege's Father's Liege's Father's
M Yes Yes - - Mother's Mother's
M Yes No Father's - Father's Mother's
M No Yes - Mother's Mother's Mother's
M No No Mother's Liege's Mother's Liege's Mother's Liege's Mother's

3. Title inheritance:

If the crown and succession laws permit it, an heir can get titles from both parents.

Marriage does not otherwise affect titles.

Original Thread by Alexspeed here: The marriage Guide @ Paradox Forum

Kudos to Alexspeed for allowing use of his guide in the making of this page.