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The landed titles file (or landed_titles.txt) is found under common/landed titles. This file defines every single title found in Crusader Kings II. From baronies, to empires, to titular titles, and to the unplayable religious and mercenary titles.


Each title can also have special flags that help to further customise it. These can define default settings for a title, but are typically used to create the special creation conditions.

Modifier Example Description
color = { R G B } color = { 40 50 20 } Defines the primary colour of the title.
color2 = { R G B } color2 = { 255 250 0 }

Defines the secondary colour of the title.

capital = [provinceID] capital = 31 Defines the default capital county of the title. For titular  titles this will also serve as the county that must be held to allow creation.
culture = [cultureID] culture = breton Defines the default culture for the title.
[cultureID] = [text] welsh = Alba Defines the culture specific name for the title. (e.g. If a Welsh character holds Scotland, then the kingdom will become known as Alba.)
primary = yes/no primary = yes Forces the character to use the title as their primary.
landless = yes/no landless = yes Essentially sets the title to always exist.
allow = { [conditions] } allow = { prestige = 500 } Defines the special conditions for title creation.
caliphate = yes/no caliphate = yes Marks as a caliphate title.
holy_order = yes/no holy_order = yes Marks as a holy order. Title will appear in the Holy Order tab, and will not be creatable by the player.
mercenary = yes/no mercenary = yes Marks as a mercenary group. Title will appear in the Mercenaries tab, and will not be creatable by the player.
tribe = yes/no tribe = yes Marks as a tribal title. Becomes uncreatable.
title = [LocalisationID] title = "CALIPH" Defines the custom character title. (e.g. Petty King...)
title_female = [LocalisationID] title_female = "CALIPHA" Defines the custom female character title. (e.g. Petty Queen...)
foa = [LocalisationID] foa = "CALIPH_FOA" Defines the custom character form of address. This is how other characters will address the title holder in letters. (e.g. Your Highness...)
short_name = yes/no short_name = yes Tells the game to use the shorter name for the title.
male_names = { [nameList] }

male_names = { Peter Inocence Alexios }

Lists all of the valid names that the title holder must use. This is commonly seen with the Papal title.