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The Holy order of the Knights of the Sun is a Zunist fictional order.

In order to create the Knighs of the Sun you need to have Charlemagne Rajas DLC.

Their army is composed of 50 % Heavy Infantry and 50 % Light Cavalry.

Historically , Zunbil, also written as Zhunbil, was a dynasty south of the Hindu Kush in present southern Afghanistan region. They ruled from the early 7th century until the Islamic conquest of Afghanistan in 870 AD. The Zunbils are believed to be an offspring of the southern-Hephthalite rulers of Zabulistan

The Zunbils worshiped the sun, which they named Zun (pronounced "zoon") from which they derived their name. Their territory included between what is now the city of Zaranj in southwestern Afghanistan and Kabulistan in the northeast, with Zamindawar and Ghazni serving as their capitals.The title Zunbil can be traced back to the Middle-Persian original Zūn-dātbar, 'Zun the Justice-giver'. The geographical name Zamindawar would also reflect this, from Middle Persian 'Zamin-i dātbar' (Land of the Justice-giver).

The Zunbils worshiped the sun god Zun, sometimes referred to as Zoor or Zoon. He is represented with flames radiating from his head on coins. Statues were adorned with gold and used rubies for eyes. The god appears to have been brought to the region by the Hephthalites] Over time, the religion was heavily influenced by Hinduism, with aspects of Shiva]and Surya incorporated. Connections to Buddhism and Zoroastrianism have also been drawn.The cosmopolitan nature of the god is consistent with the variety of religions practiced in the region prior to the Islamization of Afghanistan.