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Jainism is a religion of incredible antiquity, stemming from the ascetic Sramana tradition of India, in opposition to the priestly Brahmins and the caste system. The guiding principle of Jainism is Ahimsa - non-violence - which is more radically interpreted than in any other religion. In the game, Jains have a hard time waging offensive wars, but their remarkable tolerance means Jain rulers are well liked by all. Defining features in-game:

  • There is no religious head.
  • Caste Traits do not matter.
  • Cannot declare Holy Wars.
  • Can declare Subjugation Wars against all Indian religions.
  • Much lower chance of provincial revolts.
  • Large bonuses to all vassal opinions.
  • Rulers can hold large Demenses.
  • Can designate any valid offspring as heir.


  • Currently, Jainism is the smallest of the Indian religions, having about 5 million adherents at present, most of them in India.
  • Jains have been historically opressed by their Hindu and Muslim rulers.
  • Jainism is divided into two sects - Digambara and Svetambara.

Starting Situation[]

By the time of Stamford Bridge, Jainism is predominent in the western section of the Indian subcontinent, but the maharajas (kings) in control of Jain-majority territory are Hindu. Some rajas (dukes) and thakurs (counts) still hold to Jainism, though.