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Fraticellism is a heretical Catholic sect that separated from the Franciscan Order on account of disputes concerning poverty. Its followers are extreme proponents of the rule of Saint Francis of Assisi, especially with regard to poverty, and regard the wealth of the Church as scandalous, and that of individual churchmen as invalidating their status.


The Fraticelli, or 'Little Brethren', is a Catholic heresy that originated in the Franciscan Order of monks. It is devoted to poverty and ascetism - especially for men of the cloth. Fraticelli heretics are violently opposed to Church wealth and displays of opulence. Defining features in game:

  • Can create the Fraticelli Papacy, if Rome is conquered
  • The Pope can grant divorces
  • The Pope can grant the Invasion Casus Belli
  • The Pope can call Crusades
  • The Pope can excommunicate Fraticelli characters
  • Fraticelli Bishops may pay tax to the Pope rather than their secular liege

Fraticellism is a heresy of Catholicism.


Catholicism's biggest weakness is inside of the religion itself. Every Antipope in the game reduces Catholic Moral Authority by 30, making multiple of them reducing MA to 10, even if it is at 100 even. Heresy will run rampant, and the Pope eventually can't even call Crusades. For this reason, it is not recommended to keep an Antipope up for a prolonged anmount of time - unless the above is your very goal.

Going heretic is a risky game. You are likely surrounded by other heretics or people of the parent religion, so constant Holy War is to be expected, and accounted for. The Fraticelli religion Is particularly interesting to play as, due to the ability to establish your own Papacy, and bring new order to the land.

Once you manage to make the West riddled with heretic strongholds and managed to convert yourself and (most of) your vassals to Fraticelliism, all that remains is to conquer Rome and establish the Fraticelli Papacy. It functions identically to the Catholic papacy, except it is ducal-tier instead of king-tier. Another noticeable characteristic is that the election of Fraticelli cardinals isn't influenced by the candidates' culture. This is very convenient, especially if you don't belong to the latin culture group.

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