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Expansions and Downloadable Content (DLC) comprise purchasable add-ons for Crusader Kings II which enhance or extend the game experience. Expansions are larger add-ons, and are generally more expensive - these add a considerable number of new features to the game which can offer completely new ways to play. DLC is smaller in scope, and usually lower in price. DLC for Crusader Kings II includes portrait packs, unit packs, song packs, shield packs, and others. As of patch 2.2 there are 7 main expansions, plus 36 pieces of smaller DLC.

*Note: as of patch 2.5.2, 10 major expansions have been released, as well as more DLC for them. The major expansions include: Way of Life (patch 2.3), Horse Lords (patch 2.4) and Conclave (patch 2.5)

Expansions and DLC


Sword of IslamLegacy of RomeThe RepublicThe Old GodsSons of AbrahamRajas of IndiaCharlemagne

Portrait Packs


Unit Packs

MongolAfricanRussianByzantineNorseCelticWarriors of FaithMilitary OrdersSaxonFinno-UgricTurkish

Song Packs

Songs of AlbionSongs of FaithSongs of the Holy LandSongs of the CaliphSongs of ByzantiumSongs of the RusSongs of ProsperityHymns to the Old GodsHymns of AbrahamSongs of YuletideSongs of India

Shield Packs

Dynasty ShieldsDynasty Shields IIDynasty Shields III

Other DLC

Ruler DesignerSunset InvasionEuropa Universalis IV ConverterCustomization Pack