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The Duchy of Meath is a de jure duchy consisting of two counties and is a de jure duchy of the Kingdom of Ireland .

De Jure Territory[]

The de jure county titles within the Duchy of Meath are as follows:

Duchy of Meath

Duchy of Meath

Creation Conditions[]

A ruler requires at least 51% (two) of the two de jure counties in order to create the Duchy of Meath. In addition, around 200 gold is required to create the Duchy of Meath. Creating the Duchy of Meath rewards the ruler with 200 prestige.

Alternate Name[]

If the Duchy of Meath is created by a ruler with the culture of Irish, Scottish, Breton, or Welsh, then the duchy will be called the Duchy or Petty Kingdom of Tara.

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