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Modifying Songs

Alright, for those of you who have played this game quite a bit the current playlist can get a little stale. No worries though, it's extremely easy to add your own songs!

The songs are located in:

Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\music

Or if you're a Steam user:

Steam\steamapps\common\crusader kings ii\music

But they're all .ogg files... so how do we do this?

So you want some new songs:

1. Get the mp3 of the song you want. Unless for whatever reason you want to play CK2 to the guitar solo in "Ride the Lightning", you can probably fill your playlist with fitting music that's very much in the public domain. Like "written 700 years ago" public domain.

2. Convert that mp3 to a .ogg file using this, which is quite clean and easy to use:

3. Drop that .ogg file into the music folder I mentioned earlier

4. Now go into the text file "songs.txt" in that same music folder. Now you have to add your .ogg to the playlist. For every song in the playlist you will see a string of characters that looks like this:

song = {
        name = "thelastcrusade_finale.ogg"

        chance = {
                modifier = {
                        factor = 1


Simply copy +paste that one time for each song you're adding. Then just go in and replace the duplicated .ogg line with the name of the file you've added. And that's it, you're done. I would then go into the game and use the console command "nextsong" to cycle through until your new songs play, just to make sure they're working well. The ones I have added fit in very very nicely with the rest of the soundtrack and the volume has been just at the right level. One song did crash my game somehow, so I simply went back and deleted it and the line from the text document. Well actually I just changed the "1" to a "0" because i'm incredibly lazy, but yeah.

Contributed by Rabble159


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