Crusader Kings II Wiki

Patch 2.0.1 was released on the 22nd November 2013.


  • Added missing Jewish religious icons
  • No longer possible to play as a Jew without the Sons of Abraham DLC
  • The "Legitimize Bastard" decision now sets the correct dynasty
  • Cathars now have access to the "Absolute Cognatic" succession law
  • Jewish priests are now allowed to marry
  • The kingdom of Jerusalem decisions to vassalize the Knights Templar and Hospitaller now work
  • Heresies are now also shown on the religion page in the ledger
  • The Knights of Santiago now have their historical activation date and first Grandmaster
  • Fixed a bug where an antipope installed as proper Pope in Rome would get an antipope successor
  • Fixed a bug where the Pope could restore himself in Rome infinitely, for astronomical amounts of Piety
  • GamersGate users no longer incorrectly get the Steam overlay
  • Different platforms don't get different checksums anymore
  • You can no longer get a barony level character when pressing the Random Character button
  • Added more descriptive text when Ironman is disabled
  • Removed some ways in which one could cheat in Ironman
  • Disabled autosave to cloud storage option in settings if no cloud storage is available
  • Fixed some bugs with the new 'hold_election' effect
  • AI: Massively reduced the chance that it will create antipopes, for now
  • Fixed an issue with ridiculously powerful Mongol stacks if there were Jews in the world
  • Fixed so Shift + I does not act like Shift + Insert anymore
  • Religion status changes (Mending the Schism, etc) are now properly reset on resign
  • Fixed a bug where most councillor job action events were men only
  • Blocked Ultimogeniture for West African pagans
  • Limited the intrigue gained from certain successful plots
  • Fixed error in 'Viking Raider' achievement script
  • Fixed a bug with Zoroastrian Xwedodah marriages not being considered sacred
  • No longer possible to select Jews in multiplayer if the host does not have Sons of Abraham