Crusader Kings II Wiki

Patch 1.111 was released on the 13th August 2013.


  • Fixed the delayed event bloating of save files.
  • Pre 1.11 save games will now load correctly without trait corruption
  • Fixed CTD when a Portrait DLC did not have a beard for the culture
  • Fixed CTD when immediately resigning after loaded save game with pending plots


  • Fixed a glitch after resign where the on-map shields would still be shown
  • Fixed so you don't get a pop-up if the plot auto functions are used
  • Disabled customization of dynasties without the DLC


  • Fixed a bug where vassal merchant republics could sometimes become independent on succession
  • The Military Jesus and Speaking in Tongues modifiers are no longer instantly removed from characters
  • Fixed an issue where you could suffer more than Max attrition
  • Now possible to pick the Hellenic religion in the Ruler Designer again
  • Can now correctly grant independence to Merchant republics
  • Can now correctly transfer vassal Merchant republics
  • Character beards and hair now don't immediately snap back when using the customization tool
  • Fixed an issue with new Patricians sometimes getting game over incorrectly on succession


  • Fixed issues with exporting HRE with absolute crown authority.
  • Now young rulers get appropriate stats
  • Now players should always be exported as a vassal if he is in CK2
  • Fixed problem where muslim personal unions were not exported at all
  • The Azores and Madeira can now be colonized
  • Now localization files on Linux always get UTF-8 encoding
  • Changed some file names in conversion table for nations
  • Fixed so tengri can get higher tech groups
  • Tweaked what is considered high-tech to increase chance of becomming western
  • Now natives no longer should spawn in africa