Crusader Kings II Wiki

Patch 1.11 was released on the 13th August 2013.


  • Added auto-invite function to plots
  • Added auto stop plot functionality under intrigue tab.
  • Added Siege leader trait
  • Added so bastard dynasties are generated when the first bastard is born.
  • Fixed so holy orders can use their special units in a defensive war where they are the primary defender.
  • Fixed CTD occured when starting between 1184-1185
  • Fixed Duke Dafydd II of Gwynedd invalid state in history files
  • Slowed down fleet movement
  • Increased movement time for armies onto or off fleets


  • Added Favorite IP table to multiplayer menu
  • Added an approve button for laws so you can change your mind later if you initially ignored the law.
  • Fixed so you can see what characters has had a plot proposal sent to them.
  • Now support to select ship-exclusive using ALT key.


  • It's now possible to read additional data into existing landed titles in mods
  • It's now possible to read additional data into existing religions in mods
  • Added 'intermarry' parameter to religions, so you can specify if members tend to marry those of specific other religions
  • Exported EXTRA_NR_OF_CHILDREN_FOR_PLAYERS to defines
  • Fixed custom tooltip trigger and effect always returning true
  • Exported ARMY_LOAD_UNLOAD_MOVE_COST to defines